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Get exactly what you need to better your business with a fast, easy and flexible leasing solution from Glockner Finance.


We make financing easy with our one-stop-shop. When you have decided what type of equipment you need for your business, simply fill out a form and we’ll take care of the rest. Apply to see if you qualify for Glockner Financing.

Industries Served


Although the Glockner family is known for our rich history in automotive, we cater to many industries outside of that as well. We provide financing solutions to many different companies, from agriculture to medical and everything in between.


In whatever industry you happen to work, we can provide a financing solution that works for you.

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Glockner Finance offers no-nonsense financing solutions, prompt service, customized finance or leasing options and competitive rates.  Our leasing professionals and on-staff CPA is available to help you evaluate finance or leasing options.


We want to earn your business and we will work with you to meet your needs.