Commercial Drivers, you’re invited to an important ELD Tradeshow in Porstmouth, OH.

ELD Tradeshow RSVP

You only have until December 18, 2017 to be ELD ready!! Join us at the SOMC Life Center located at 1202 18th Street in Portsmouth, OH 45662 to learn more about all of your ELog options.


You’re invited by Glockner Insurance on Saturday, July 29 from 9:00am – 3:00pm to visit with ELD vendors showcasing a range of simple, flexible, affordable solutions to fit your needs—from ELog only to complete fleet management—all backed by regulatory compliance.

To help us give you the best possible experience, fill out the form to RSVP now for our ELD vendor showcase on Saturday, July 29.

Simple Truck ELD

Simple Truck ELD keeps things simple to keep drivers on the road legally with no hidden fees and no hardware costs.  We are FMCSA Certified with service starting as low as $19 per month, bring your own device or tablets with additional low cost data plan options are available. Our device simply plugs into the comport of the truck and synchronizes with our app using Wi-Fi Direct technology.  Our app is compatible with iOS and Android devices and includes standard data displays and data transfer processes, as well as two-way communication and DVIR, making it easier to share RODS with safety officials to demonstrate compliance.  The product synchronizes with your vehicle engine to automatically record driving time for easier and more accurate hours of service (HOS) recording.  You can log into our online portal from any browser anytime, to track drivers and other important details, from your desk or anywhere around the world.  We have IFTA data collection through our ELD service which can be electronically transferred to our sister company simpleIFTA.us for quarterly IFTA filing.  IFTA Data Collection, DVIR and vehicle usage tracking are no additional cost.  We are FMCSA certified.  We have 24/ 7 customer support with no hidden fees and no installation fees.

Fleetmatics, A Verizon Company

Fleetmatics, recently acquired by Verizon, has built a strong reputation as a powerful yet simple-to-use Fleet Management and Logbook Solution.  Its comprehensive features are compliant with 49 CFR 395.15 and designed to remain a compliant solution as the Trucking Industry transitions to the final ELD Rule in December 16th 2019

Fleetmatics has the tools to help manage the transition from paper to electronic.  Most importantly, due to our partnership with Glockner Insurance and Verizon Wireless, we have implemented a dedicated Team of Account Managers to walk you through the process and ensure that your business and all it’s staff is trained well before January.

Just a few incentives Glockner Insurance has secured:

  • Consulting and Unique Customization for Carriers
  • Free Equipment w/Life Time Warranty
  • Cloud-Based Fleet Management Solution
  • Native Apps for iPhone and Android
  • National Purchasing Program via Verizon Wireless
  • Free Fuel Card Integration
  • Built-In Time Clock Feature (If Needed)
  • Free Built-In Automated Preventative Maintenance Alerts
  • Daily Profit Margin Reporting
  • IFTA and DVIR Electronic Compliance
  • Easy system to use (Driver & Administrative)
  • Ability to manage multiple rule sets
  • Multiple training options

Fleetmatics has raised the bar of product innovation and customization as well as a dedicated Customer Service specifically for clients of Glockner Insurance.

We look forward to “growing” with you!

J. Keller® Encompass® Fleet Management System with ELogs

J. Keller ELogs offer flexibility with an ELD that works with all vehicle classes, can be used with drivers’ smart devices and an installation that takes just 10 minutes.  J. J. Keller Elogs feature the Encompass® cloud-based fleet management system which automatically audits driver’s logs against available Hours of Service rule sets, helping fleet professionals immediately identify violations through exceptions-based reports and compliance alerts. Encompass offers fleets the ability to accommodate personal conveyance and track non-regulated and exempt drivers, giving companies a real-time view of critical fleet information.

Fleets can upgrade Encompass® for improved compliance and efficiency of operations with automated IFTA reporting, paperless recordkeeping and tracking of driver qualification and alcohol and drug reporting, accident tracking, unit permitting and registration documentation and much more.

J. Keller ELogs include 24/7 driver support, a robust online support site with free how-to guides and videos and optional weekly webinars.

Blue Ink Tech, The no monthly fee ELD

Blue Ink Tech is a local manufacturer of one of the most affordable ELD systems available.  The  Blue Ink Tech BIT ELD checks off all the requirements set by the FMCSA and offers additional features that make it a smart choice for your money.  There are no monthly fees and no long-term contracts for the BIT ELD.  The Blue Ink Tech system has three components: The ELD adapter that installs in seconds, the free BIT ELD app and the Blue Ink Tech Web Portal for log management and archiving.


Independent Owner/Operators and small companies like the ease of use, one time purchase and simple E-Log interface that maintains hours of service and remaining drive and shift time.  Fleet managers  and office staff enjoy the asset management tools and upcoming potential violations.  IFTA Data is provided free through the end of 2017.  Visit www.BlueInkTech.com for additional information or to purchase your ELD.


ELD Solutions

ELD Solutions is focused on maximizing efficiencies that ensure companies are getting the most hours of service out of every vehicle and that drivers can safely maximize their earning potential when on the road.  Created by experienced trucking professionals and transportation leaders, ELDS is the only electronic log provider specifically focused on ease-of-ordering and implementation for carriers. Beyond electronic logging, they offer vehicle and trailer tracking, IFTA mileage reporting, driver communication tools, engine diagnostics, driver behavior monitoring and more. For more information or to order online, visit eldsolutions.com.