How Leasing Works

Glockner Finance serves to make equipment leasing easy with our one-stop-shop. When you have decided what type of equipment you need for your business, call us and we’ll take care of the rest. If you have already found an equipment vendor and received a quote, we’ll simply buy that equipment for you. You can also obtain pre-approval for the amount needed and then shop around for the best price on equipment with the confidence that you possess the necessary funds to make the acquisition. If necessary, we can include the soft costs of acquiring equipment too, such as freight, installation and training.

We will then work with you to custom tailor a leasing plan that makes sense for your business. Our leasing programs are not restricted to new versus used equipment, short terms or long terms, high or low mileage or residuals or other restrictions found in other “canned” leasing arrangements.

Once you have been approved for the equipment, your lease will be administered by Glockner Finance. We will not sell your lease to a third party who doesn’t understand your business or who administers your lease from a thousand miles away. Our fast, efficient and friendly service will be around to answer your questions and help you resolve any problems that come up. We know that your business has individual needs and we want to earn your business and continue to prove with the service we provide that we are the only leasing company you will ever need.

Why Lease?

Did you know that leasing now accounts for more than 30% of the average 15 million vehicles sold in the United States each year?

Leasing is a practical alternative to buying for many reasons. It’s cost effective, increases your purchasing power, helps conserve operating capital, provides flexibility and has many income tax advantages. Unlike most bank equipment financing, leasing offers fixed rates so that you always know the true cost of your equipment for budgeting and cash flow purposes. Large down payments are not normally required and you can finance the use of the equipment over its true economic life rather than some shorter and largely arbitrary term set by your banker. Through updating your equipment regularly, you reduce maintenance costs and improve your corporate image and employee morale.

Leasing is fast and easy. For most deals, your lease representative can approve and fund your deal in a matter of minutes. Unlike banks, we may extend equipment financing for large and small dollar deals without the need for lengthy credit applications and loan committee review.

The following are a few regularly asked questions about leasing with the answers. We hope this helps you in your decision. Please contact us for more information.

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