Premium Financing

Glockner Finance offers commercial insurance premium financing at great rates. This means that when a company cannot or chooses not to pay the full price at inception, we can help finance.

As it is customary for clients to finance their commercial auto, inland marine and general liability premiums, Glockner Finance began providing financing for commercial insurance premiums.

With the licensing, financing and staff requirements in place, we are actively seeking additional opportunities to provide financing for lawyer’s legal liability, accountant and medical malpractice premiums. As we also provide financing for office and medical equipment, we believe that this opportunity too fits well within our niche.

Premium financing is simple at Glockner Finance. We developed a simple model for funding premiums and quoting and collecting payments. We have a single page ACH authorization (optional) and a two page credit agreement. Our staff will quote payments within minutes during normal business hours (8am to 5pm M-F). We will accept all credits submitted except for those clients currently in bankruptcy. We will fund premiums via any reasonable method (check, ACH, wire transfer) on the day following receipt of the signed agreement.